Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Asirvatham, Jebaraj


Through the use of a multiple regression model and a Chow test, the purpose of this analytical research paper is to determine whether or not United States aquaculture production has decreased in gross production since the mid-1970’s. A number of variables were used as possible influencers of the increase in aquacultural products produced between 1960-2013, including population, immigration numbers, median household income, United States consumption of freshwater and marine fish, and seafood commodity prices. A strong correlation was shown between some of the independent variables and the dependent variable, while the calculated F-value was just substantial enough to show a break point in the data that was gathered. While the variables used were not optimal for this regression analysis, this research could still prove useful to economists attempting to see if strict regulations and policing put in place in the mid-1970’s greatly affected total production of the United States aquaculture industry.