International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ICCCBE) 2016


In recent years, there has been an increasing number of information technologies utilized in buildings to advance the idea of “smart buildings”. Among various potential techniques, the use of Wi-Fi based indoor positioning allows to locate and track smartphone users inside a building, therefore, location-aware intelligent solutions can be applied to control and of building operations. These location-aware indoor services (e.g., path finding, internet of things, location based advertising) demand real-time accurate indoor localization, which is a key issue to guarantee high quality of service in smart buildings. This paper presents a new Wi-Fi based indoor localization technique that achieves significantly improvement of indoor positioning accuracy with the help of Li-Fi assisted coefficient calibration. The proposed technique leverages indoor existing Li-Fi lighting and Wi-Fi infrastructure, and results in a cost-effective and user-convenient indoor accurate localization framework. In this work, experimental study and measurements are conducted to verify the performance of the proposed idea. The results substantiate the concept of refining Wi-Fi based indoor localization with Li-Fi assisted computation calibration.