Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Workforce Education and Development

First Advisor

Putnam, A.R.

Second Advisor

Anderson, Marcia

Third Advisor

Brazley, Michael


The purpose of this research study was to propose a new learning theory for career and technical education with a foundation in philosophy and neuroscience. It purports to combine constructivism, phenomenology and neuroscience into a proposed learning theory entitled ‘constructivist neurophenomenology embedded in embodied cognition, that is, the formative role that the environment plays in the development of cognitive processes. The theory represents a trinity of constructivism’s genetic epistemology manifesting itself in (a) accommodation, (b) phenomenology’ intentionality, that is there is always something there for consciousness, and (c) neuroscience cell assembly. These three actions of the brain construct consciousness, memory, and learning via metaphorical thinking.




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