Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Upton, Thomas


Negative attitudes toward individuals with mental illness are a common phenomenon. Therefore, quantifying the attitudes of mental health care professionals in training is critical to assure that they are equitably trained to provide holistic services to individuals with mental illness. Mental health care professionals in-training (students from Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, and Counselor Education); 228 individuals participated in the research. A demographic questionnaire, level of familiarity with mental illness, Community Attitudes toward the Mentally Ill, General Attitudes toward College Educational Accommodation scales were used to collect data. In addition, the relevant statistical analysis, specifically multiple linear regression and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, was administered. The data indicated that exposure to mental illness has a significant relationship with all dimensions (Authoritarianism, Benevolence, Social Restrictiveness, Community Mental Health ideology) of attitudes. The data also indicated a significant association between overall attitudes and attitudes toward college educational accommodation. However, demographic variables and exposure to mental illness were not found to be associated with attitudes toward college educational accommodation.




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