Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

McClure, Lisa


In 2016, in the article Global Migration, Diversity, and Civic Education Banks et al. discuss migration flows and the inevitable “ascendency of globalization.” They explain that this globalization trend has taken hold of the entire world because of political, education, economic, and religious reasons that have seen people upend their lives moving across continents. For example, this migratory flow phenomenon has given rise to shifts in the way that education is conducted in different countries as the host countries aim to accommodate foreign students to create a homogenous learning environment conducive for everyone.Zimbabwe, being no stranger to social turmoil, has contributed to the migratory flow trend with the U.S. being one of the target countries for students. This dissertation aims to explore and present students’ experiences as they transition from their Zimbabwean high school writing environments into U.S. writing classes. The three writing environments are: Zimbabwean high school(s), the Gap Year Program, and U.S. writing class(es). These experiences are explored through a collection of documents closely analyzed using the lens of Grounded Theory. Grounded Theory as an analysis tool highlights common and different concepts as they emerge from these documents ultimately allowing room to explore why those similarities and differences exist. These concepts are also compared with students’ responses from interview questions that ask them to express their attitudes towards each writing environment. The study potentially will provide a steppingstone to a higher goal of advocating for writing study programs in Zimbabwe where students will learn skills that will better prepare them for other learning environments and cultures.

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