Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Engineering Science

First Advisor

Luo, Albert


The objective of this dissertation is to develop a mechanical model of a nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvesting system induced by Duffing oscillator and predict the periodic motions of such a nonlinear dynamical system under different excitation frequency. In this dissertation, analytical distributed-parameter electromechanical modeling of a piezoelectric energy harvester will be presented. The electromechanically coupled circuit equation excited by infinitely many vibration modes is derived. The governing electromechanical equations are reduced to ordinary differential equations in modal coordinates and eventually an infinite set of algebraic equations is obtained for the complex modal vibration response and the complex voltage response of the energy harvester beam. One single vibration mode is chosen and discussed. The periodic motions are obtained through an implicit mapping method with high accuracy, stability and bifurcations of periodic motions are determined by the eigenvalue analysis. Frequency-amplitude characteristics of periodic motions are achieved by the Fourier transform




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