Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Health Education

First Advisor

Donahoo, Saran

Second Advisor

McDaniel, Justin


Mental health may be defined as a state of wellbeing which affects all aspects of an individual's emotions, social behavior, and psychological behavior. As a dimension of health, it is a vital aspect of an individual’s existence, and it affects their quality of life and daily activities. However, like physical health, there may be a need to maintain or improve one's mental health when challenges are present. Therefore, in this study, using a qualitative narrative case study approach, I explored the mental health attitudes and beliefs of African International Students. I examined strategies they used to address mental health challenges faced as they studied in the United States. I also utilized the Health Belief Model (HBM) as the conceptual framework to address discrimination and other social environment obstacles that African International Students faced when seeking help. As part of the study, I collected data from a sample of African International Students studying at a mid-sized Midwestern university and analyzed the information to determine factors that influenced a student’s attitudes toward mental health. As the researcher, my desire was to utilize the results of the study to assist with future interventions in this particular group of students.




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