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Wireless communication is part of our daily life in several applications, such as cell phones, wireless printers, sensors, etc. Each wireless device requires at least one antenna to communicate with other devices. In 2002, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigned a frequency spectrum from 3.1 GHz to 10.6 GHz for ultra-wideband communications. Several narrowband antennas require to cover the entire range. Unlike narrowband antennas, ultra-wideband antennas need to cover the wide frequency band. This research mainly focuses on physically small antenna designs. The first antenna discussed in this dissertation is a dual, triple trident antenna with dimensions 24 mm × 28 mm × 0.785 mm, which will operate from 3 GHz to 12.15 GHz [58]. The first antenna consists of six tridents symmetrical along the vertical direction. The second antenna design is a novel rectangular ring ultra-wideband antenna [59]. Large antennas operate for low frequency, and small antennas work for high frequency. The number of rings increased in wideband antenna to 9 from 4 to check the design methodology. The rectangular ring ultra-wideband antenna has dimensions 24 mm × 26 mm × 1.52 mm. This antenna operates from 3.12 GHz to 12.85 GHz. The third antenna design is an ultra-wideband dual square trident planar antenna. This antenna’s overall size is 26 mm × 24 mm × 1.56 mm [60]. This antenna has impedance bandwidth from 3.65 GHz to 12.50 GHz. The fourth antenna design is an ultra-wideband antenna with a band notch from 5.05 GHz to 5.9 GHz [61]. This antenna consists of two tridents and two split-ring resonators along the microstrip feed line. The overall size of this antenna 26 mm ×24 mm × 1.53mm. Simulations are carried out using the CST microwave studios® to analyze the antenna performance. Experiments are conducted to verify the simulated results using vector network analyzers for impedance and anechoic antenna chamber for radiation characteristics of the antenna. All four antennas are excellent for the wireless device due to their compact size and planar designs.




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