Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Kocik, Jerzy


AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OFDinush Lanka Panditharathna Jayasooriya Arachchilage, forthe Doctor of Philosophy degree in MATHEMATICS, presented on June 22, 2020 at SouthernIllinois University Carbondale.TITLE: SPIN NETWORK EVALUATION AND THE ASYMPTOTIC BEHAVIORMAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Jerzy KocikGraphically, a spin network is a trivalent graph with weights on each edge. At anyof the vertices, the sum of all three weights is even and the sum of any two weights isgreater than or equal to the remaining weight. If the spin network has no free ends, thenwe can evaluate the spin network. Here, we propose a method to evaluate some basic spinnetworks using the idea of Stirling triangle.Tangent circles with integer curvatures are a natural source to make a spin network.In particular, there are spin networks corresponding the Apollonian circle packing and theFord circle packing. We obtain the recurrence relations using the Descartes circle theoremand we evaluate the Apollonian spin network and the Ford circle spin network. We alsodiscuss the asymptotic behavior of the Ford circle spin network.




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