Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Engineering Science

First Advisor

Mondal, Kanchan


Global warming and climate changing are serious problems challenging humanity, therefore important steps needed to be taking to neutralize such challenge. From the last century huge amount of carbon dioxide released to atmosphere cause huge damages to our globe. Technologies such as oxycombustion and chemical looping combustion had been discussed to capture and sequestration carbon dioxide at lower cost. Separation air from fuel using chemical looping or separation nitrogen from air using oxygen transport membrane (OTM) then combust pure oxygen with fuel are the main step to capture carbone dioxide in less expensive method. Each technology had its own drawback, therefore, to overcome these drawbacks an integrated system is proposed combined oxycombustion, chemical looping and OTM technologies into one system. This work aimed to model and simulate an integrated system in single reactor using liquid Antimony and Antimony trioxide as an oxygen carrier to pick up oxygen from the OTM and reduce fuel using natural circulation due to density difference between metal and metal oxide. Heat is being released inside the reactor due to exothermic oxidation reaction and temperature is increased. The temperature profile is studied in all reactor zones with respect to oxidation and reduction rate, operation temperature, metal viscosity and radiation effect. The result show that the system had a good potential to transfer heat generated from the oxidation and transfer to other zones, in which heat can be utilized and been used for heating water or generate steam.




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