Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Engineering Science

First Advisor

Aouadi, Samir


Fast and accurate recognition of the Statistical Control Chart Patterns (SPCCP) is significant for supervising manufacturing processes to accomplish better control and to make high value products. SPCCP can display eight kinds of patterns: normal, stratification, systematic, increasing trend, decreasing trend, up shift, down shift and cyclic. With the exception of the natural pattern, all other patterns indicate that the supervised manufacturing process is not performing properly and actions need to be taken to correct the problems. This research proposes new approaches, neural networks and neural-fuzzy systems, to the (SPCCP) recognition. This dissertation also investigates the use of features extracted from statistical analysis for simple patterns, and wavelet analysis for concurrent patterns as the components of the input vectors. Results based on simulated data show that the proposed approaches perform better than conventional approaches. Our work concluded that the extracted features improve the performance of the proposed recognizer systems.




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