Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Crimando, William


This study investigates extant data concerning the current knowledge of geriatric case managers in Illinois who contracted with the Illinois Department on Aging in 2010 in order to provide case management services to adults age 65 and older. In examining the self-reported importance and frequency of geriatric case manager's knowledge domain areas in Illinois, the knowledge domain portion of the Case Manager's Role and Function Survey Instrument (CMRFSI) was utilized. The sample in this study consisted of 192 geriatric case managers. Participants were asked to complete the knowledge domain portion of the CMRFSI which contained a 5-point Likert scale of the importance of knowledge domains and a second 5-point Likert scale of the frequency of knowledge domains performed. Factor analysis was utilized to provide information regarding the underlying relationship between the variables. Factor analysis produced the following four factors: rehabilitation planning, care management, psychosocial aspects of case management, and service coordination/delivery survey. To provide a deeper understanding of the knowledge domain areas of geriatric case managers and the demographic variables of work setting, highest degree completed, major, and race/ethnicity a MANOVA was used. A significant difference was produced for race/ethnicity. Wilks' Lambda was used for multivariate statistical testing resulting in F (10, 4064.13) =1.20, p < .05. Each of the measure indicated that there was a significant (p < .05) difference on the four factors across the two races (White non-Hispanic and Minority). In addition, a univariate statistical test (see table 9) produced a significant (p < .05) alpha on factor I: rehabilitation concepts and factor II: care management indicating that when considered individually and collectively, rehabilitation concepts and care management are significantly different when considering race/ethnicity. Consequently, understanding the knowledge domains of geriatric case managers will assist in designing curriculum, certifications, and preparing students to providing services. In addition, implications, limitations, and suggestions for future research are discussed.




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