Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration

First Advisor

Peterson, Mark


I examine mutual fund performance using three different perspectives. I begin with Mutual Fund Holdings Batting Average, in which I analyze mutual fund performance through the creation of a new variable using funds’ stock holdings information. My results show that this new variable, Holdings Batting Average, is related to the future performance of managers. My next chapter, Quarterly Mutual Fund Holdings Information and Window Dressing examines two different approaches of using holdings information. I recommend that fund holdings reported at the beginning of the quarter are more related to actual mutual fund performance than holdings disclosed at the end of the quarter. In my last chapter, Morningstar’s Upside and Downside Capture Ratios¸ I test these two ratios that are being reported by Morningstar. I find that these measures do not predict outperformance, but appear to be related to future fund flows.




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