The quality of the educational experience and the earning power of degrees attained are the purview and responsibility of each student and family who enter the educational marketplace. It is a marketplace where ideas of value (hopefully) are exchanged for currency.

Moreover, too few Americans who attend college and vocational schools choose fields of study that will give them specific skills that employers are seeking. Our interviews point to potential shortages in many occupations, such as nutritionists, welders, and nurse’s aides — in addition to the often-predicted shortfall in computer specialists and engineers.

An Economy that Works: Job Creation and America’s Future, McKinsey Global Institute June 2011


Costs of higher education are spiraling up, and people are running scared - Universities for fear of being “found out”. Students for fear of being “left out”. Families for being “sold out”. And state houses for being “tapped out”. At the heart of the matter is simply this question, are people putting in more than they are getting out?