These datasets include the alignment of DNA sequences used to detect phylogenetic signal on species of Heligmosomoidea collected across North America and Siberia by the Beringia Coevolution Project. The dataset allowed the determination of species diversity in parasites of squirrels (_Citellinema_) and cricetine rodents (_Heligmosomoides_). The files include the alignments as described in the research article and the Maximum Likelihood tree for each dataset(combined, ITS and mitochondrial).

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135 kb

Geographic coverage

North America, Canada, Siberia

Scientific names

Citellinema kinsellai, Citellinema meagheri, Heligmosomoides polygyrus, Heligmosomum mixtum


Heligmosomoides, Citellinema, Heligmosomum, Beringia

Fig_2_Alignment_Heligmosomoidea_nDNA_ITS.nex (62 kB)
Alignment for Heligmosomoidea and outgroups for nDNA or ITS

Fig_3_Alignment_Heligmosomoidea_mtDNA.nex (71 kB)
Alignment for Heligmosomoidea and outgroups for 2 loci from mitochondrial DNA