Date of Award



Animal Science

Faculty Advisor

Smith, Syvia F; Kwasek, Karolina A.


The focus of this study is twofold: 1) compare the nutritional value of farm-raised rainbow trout obtained from commercial sources, fed different diet regimens with that of wild-caught rainbow trout, and 2) conduct a sensory analysis test on both farm-raised and wild rainbow trout products with a consumer panel understanding their preferences and attitudes to fish consumption.

The data from this study showed a higher PUFA content in fish raised on the Plant based diet. The sensory study results indicate a preference the fish raised on the Conventional diet. While these results are not conclusive because of the known variables, this study could be repeated with more standardization. Using a single producer with controlled rearing, handling, feeding, harvest and packaging practices would likely address the concerns noted in this study regarding fish age and production variables. Given that the results were close with the known differences it is likely that gap could be closed further demonstrating the ability to further reduce fishmeal and fish oil in conventional diets or add more algae oil to remove it completely. Being able to label a fish as more sustainably raised in the USA would increase its acceptance at market.