Date of Award


Honors Thesis Number



Fashion Design and Merchandising

Faculty Advisor

Kidd, Laura K.


The Inner Mind of the Fashion Designer

After speaking with Laurie from the University Honors Program, I have decided to provide an inside look, into the mind of a fashion designer. So many people have no real understanding of what my industry is about. They seem to think it is all fun and games, that it is easy and that I always have a bunch of free time. They are so incredibly wrong! I want this thesis to open eyes of the readers and provide a better understanding of the plethora of intensive and difficult steps taken to create the clothes people wear on their backs every day. If making clothing was easy, everyone and their mother would still do it. My project will be of great aid to my field. So many do not take our program and industry seriously. This thesis will open doors to opportunity as well as hopefully make outsiders more aware of the Fashion Design and Merchandising program on Southern Illinois University’s campus. By providing such an inside look, readers’ eyes will be opened. They will understand that our industry is rigorous and serious and vigilant. We all put in a great effort to provide goods for every one of every shape, size, and color year-round.


Thank you to Laura K. Kidd, Judy Huyck, Shelby Adkinson, and all those involved in the Fashion Design and Merchandising program at SIUC. Without your wealth of knowledge and exceptional teaching, my skills would not be what they are today.