Date of Award



Animal Science, Food and Nutrition

Faculty Advisor

Speiser, Stephanie A.


The SIUC College of Agricultural Science has hosted the Southern Regional 4-H Hippology and Horse Bowl contest for the past two years. During the competition, a short survey will be offered to contestants and leaders to obtain accurate and anonymous feedback regarding the contest and the impact of this event on the regional 4-H members who participate. Specifically, the survey will focus on how the SIUC hosted Hippology and Horse Bowl contest prepares 4-H members for further competitions and if the contest encourages students to pursue an agricultural field, particularly at SIUC. During the organization of the event, number of contestants and 4-H clubs present will be recorded. On March 25th, one survey will be given to contestants to determine effectiveness of the contest in preparation for future competitions in addition to the impact SIUC College of Agricultural Science has on determining future educational paths. The second survey will be directed towards 4-H leaders to gather opinions on content and organization. Both surveys will offer information which the SIUC College of Agricultural Science will utilize for future contests. The results will also illustrate the importance of the College’s activity in the community and the impact of such activities in 4-H youth looking into their educational future. The results will reveal if hosting youth activities is an effective means to bring new students to Southern Illinois University Carbondale and ways to improve the event. Data will be collect on March 25th. The findings will be presented at the Undergraduate Research Forum