Date of Award



Rehabilitation Services

Faculty Advisor

Rehfeldt, Ruth Anne


Multiple Exemplar Instruction (MEI) was evaluated, as an instructional protocol, on its effectiveness of establishing derived tact relations (B-A) in three children with developmental disabilities. Educationally relevant stimuli in the form of constellations were used as stimuli in this study. Following assessment of current listener (A-B) and tact relations amongst participants, listener training was implemented in which participants were asked to “Point to” a dictated constellation out of four choices. Participants needed to respond with 88% accuracy in order to be tested on tact relations. In the event that participants failed tact test probes, Multiple Exemplar Instruction was introduced. Results were inconclusive on the effectiveness of MEI in the emergence of derived tact relations, as time restrictions hindered the ability to begin Multiple Exemplar Instruction.


I would like to acknowledge my research advisor and mentor, Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt. Thank you for your continual support and encouragement. Your knowledge and passion for this field has served as a huge source of inspiration for me. I also want to thank my previous research advisor, Dr. Dona Reese, for sparking my interest in research.