Abstracts of presentations given on Tuesday, 12 July 2005 in session 10 of the UCOWR conference.


This erosion assessment was conducted to evaluate the condition of the streambanks and the storm sewer outfalls along the Root River within the City of Racine (the City) and the associated erosion and erosion potential. The study area includes approximately 14 miles of streambank, which equates to roughly seven miles of evaluation along the left and right banks. The project goal was to develop baseline data that includes identifying, characterizing, and mapping current erosion problems associated with the 50-plus stormwater outfalls and hydromodifications such as riprap, concrete, and retaining walls, and associated erosion problems along the streambanks of the Root River. This baseline data is critical for monitoring changes in erosion and streambank conditions throughout time. This baseline data is also necessary to measure the success of future post-construction best management practices and bioengineering implementation.