A report by the Senate Committee to Visit Educational Institutions. This report provides a broad assessment and conclusions on the teachers colleges in Illinois, including Southern Illinois State Normal University. It provides insight into the nature and impact of Illinois' normal schools in the mid 1930s. The Committee's conclusions are shaped by the following issues:

  • Recruitment and retirement policies as applied to the faculty

  • Increase or decrease of demands, present and probable future demands, for teachers

  • Desirable expansion and possible contraction of educational services offered
  • Distribution of graduates in and outside the teaching profession
  • Comparative per capita costs of the services rendered by you and similar institutions in and out of Illinois
  • Best thought for utilizing, say a ten per cent increase of educational appropriations when, if, and as such increased appropriations be found possible
  • The least painful and hurtful method of absorbing further decrease in educational appropriations when, if, and as such decrease appears inevitable