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Four experiments examined the effects of training a “drawing” response to each of three stimuli in a 5-member equivalence class. In Experiment 1 the stimuli were an arbitrary word, a shape, or a mathematical symbol. Subjects then were trained to draw a separate component of a stickman at each of the 3 stimuli. Subsequent tests for function transfer revealed a variety of novel drawings along with the original drawings. Experiment 2 modified the sequential nature of the general training and testing procedures and produced similar findings. Variability in responses decreased when Experiment 3 standardized the topographies of all the stimuli in each class. In Experiment 4 the procedure from Experiment 1 was replicated with the stimuli from Experiment 3. The finding showed that the drawings recorded in the presence of all stimuli consisted of the originally trained responses. Results from all experiments are discussed in the context of functional equivalence classes.