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Students prepared for classroom examinations by completing practice tests, with selected items from these practice tests repeated, in either the original or in a modified wording, on classroom examinations and a final examination. The availability of immediate self-corrective feedback on Study 1 practice tests (0, 3, or 6 practice tests) was varied, while in Study 2, the timing of feedback provided during practice tests (immediate, end of test, 24-hour delay, control) was varied . Performance on examinations was elevated by the provision of immediate feedback on practice tests in both studies, especially when test items were presented in their original wording, with some generalization observed on items presented in a modified wording. Predictions made in accordance with the interference-perseveration hypothesis and the delayretention effect were not supported. These results demonstrate considerable potential for immediate self-corrective feedback, delivered during test preparation through the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique, to enhance performance on classroom examinations and to promote the retention of factual information during the academic semester.