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Individual Student US $40.00; International $50.00

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Subscription begins with the Winter issue of the present year.

Back Issue are available.

Payment Options: Check (US currency) made payable to "The Psychological Record" or Visa and Mastercard

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For a subscription request please see our Fillable Subscription Form.

Please print the completed form and fax it to Dr. Rehfeldt.

Fax number: 618-453-8271

Or mail the completed form to the address below:

Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt The Psychological Record Mailcode 4609 Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Carbondale, IL 62901-4609

Manuscript Submission Info

The Psychological Record publishes theoretical and experimental articles and commentary on recent and historical developments in psychology.

Articles submitted to The Psychological Record should be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition. Upon receipt of a manuscript, the opinions of at least two reviewers will be obtained. The substantive criticisms and comments of the reviewers will be forwarded to the author(s) along with the publication decision of the editor. Normally the time elapsed between receipt of a manuscript and a decision is approximately 2 months.

Manuscripts can be submitted electronically by e-mail. Manuscripts should be sent as Word documents with the title page containing contact information for the corresponding author. File names of manuscripts and any figure files submitted separately must include the last name of the corresponding author. Our printer requests that figure files be sent separately. Please ensure that files are saved with the last name of the corresponding author in the filename.

Manuscripts should be submitted as .doc documents not .docx with the figures and text included in the same file. Please ensure that corresponding author information is included on the title page of your manuscript and that the filename for your manuscript includes the last name of the corresponding author. .

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Copyright and Permissions info

The Psychological Record obtains the copyright on the content of the journal. Southern Illinois University Carbondale Board of Trustess owns the copyright on the content of the journal. To clarify the rights of the author and The Psychological Record, and thus ensure the protection of both, the journal requires that an author formally assigns all rights to The Psychological Record before an article is published.

To obtain permission to reproduce articles, contact:

The Copyright Clearance


Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt The Psychological Record Mailcode 4609 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL 62901-4609