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The Psychological Record is a quarterly journal of psychology. The journal was founded by renowned interbehaviorist, J.R. Kantor, with one of the most influential American psychologists, B.F. Skinner, serving as the experimental department editor at the journal’s inception. Since 1937, the journal has published psychological theory and research concerned with a broad range of scientific topics in the discipline. All manuscripts are reviewed with respect to their scholarly merit. The journal hopes to stimulate creative and innovative research by both newer and seasoned researchers from many areas of the world.

Current Issue: Volume 61, Issue 4 (2011) Fall 2011



Introduction to the Special Issue: Translational Research on Discounting
Leonard Green, Joel Myerson, and Thomas S. Critchfield


Delay Discounting and Social Policy Issues
Jeffrey N. Weatherly, Karyn M. Plumm, and Adam Derenne


The “Tyranny of Choice”: Choice Overload as a Possible Instance of Effort Discounting
Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, James Chok, and Gary A. Brozyna


Contexts and Individual Differences as Influences on Consumers’ Delay Discounting
Gordon R. Foxall, John R. Doyle, Mirella Yani-de-Soriano, and Victoria K. Wells

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