Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Hatziadoniu, Constantine


AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Mohamed A. Abuella, for the Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, presented on May 10, 2012, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE:STUDY OF PARTICLE SWARM FOR OPTIMAL POWER FLOW IN IEEE BENCHMARK SYSTEMS INCLUDING WIND POWER GENERATORS MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. C. Hatziadoniu, The aim of this thesis is the optimal economic dispatch of real power in systems that include wind power. The economic dispatch of wind power units is quite different of conventional thermal units. In addition, the consideration should take the intermittency nature of wind speed and operating constraints as well. Therefore, this thesis uses a model that considers the aforementioned considerations in addition to whether the utility owns wind turbines or not. The optimal power flow (OPF) is solved by using one of the modern optimization algorithms: the particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO). IEEE 30-bus test system has been adapted to study the implementation PSO algorithm in OPF of conventional-thermal generators. A small and simple 6-bus system has been used to study OPF of a system that includes wind-powered generators besides to thermal generators. The analysis of investigations on power systems is presented in tabulated and illustrative methods to lead to clear conclusions.




This thesis is Open Access and may be downloaded by anyone.