Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Geography and Environmental Resources

First Advisor

Oyana, Tonny


Enterprise GIS (EGIS) is a multiple purpose system that contributes to the operational framework of an organization. The development and implementation of EGIS is evolutionary and its success relies on a number of factors. The main characteristic of implementing a good EGIS depends greatly on good management and the ability to share data efficiently. Since the middle 1990's the efficiency of implementing an EGIS has improved, but many organization still fall short of implementing a successful system. The expected benefits of management and data sharing within EGIS have not achieved its maximum. It is believed that through the evaluation of a medium-sized successful EGIS system and the examination of related literature one can identify the important issues of EGIS implementation and management. This research identifies factors that are important to management and data sharing regarding the implementation of an EGIS. This research shows that the successful implementation of an EGIS relies greatly on an organization establishing good management practices. The key factors identified in the research regarding good management practices involves establishing a "champion", having an in-house technical staff, and the involvement of users during implementation. The research also identifies important concepts regarding data sharing and lists some best practices of EGIS.




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