Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Ahmed, Shaikh


In this work, we use valence force-field mechanics, sp3d5s* tight-binding models, and an array of post-processing tools to study the anisotropy in the optical polarization of a GaN/InN/GaN disk-in-wire structure. These types of systems possess an underlying Wurtzite crystal lattice structure, which results in the formation of pyro-electric fields in addition to the piezoelectric fields that arise due to mechanical stress in the form of strain on the crystal lattice. This family of nanostructures is important for three reasons: 1) Strain relaxation allows for design freedom in terms of lattice and energy band matching; 2) Using a larger indium content, with the benefit of fewer strain induced effects due to relaxation, allows for the possibility of full-spectrum LED's and solar cells; 3) They display higher temperature stability of threshold current and luminescence than currently employed technologies.




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