Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Don, Jarlen


Carbon/Carbon (C/C) composite is defined as a carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix. Since 1958 research has been carried out on the C/C composites. The main reason for the development of new C/C composites is the number of advantages it has to offer when compared with the regular materials. The areas where C/C composites are being used extensively are aerospace, military, etc. These C/C composites have better physical, mechanical, thermal properties when compared to steel. That is the reason C/C brakes made a huge impact in the aerospace industry. The main drawback associated with the C/C brakes which are used in aerospace applications is the oxidation of the composite at higher temperatures. Also other problem linked with the C/C brake is the migration of the inhibitors on to the friction surface of the brake which can eventually decrease the friction coefficient of the brake material. So, characterizing the commercially available Anti-Oxidant(A/O) system, developing a new A/O system which can not only provide better oxidation protection, but also an improved anti-oxidant migration resistance will be our main goal of this project.




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