Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Chwalisz, Kathleen


AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF STEVEN M. ANDREWS, for the Master of Arts degree in PSYCHOLOGY, presented on 9 JUNE 2009, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: IS MINFULNESS A LUXURY? EXAMINING THE ROLE OF SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS IN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DISPOSITIONAL MINDFULNESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Kathleen Chwalisz Mindfulness, or present-moment awareness, has its roots in Buddhism as a cultivatable tool for healing. Researchers have identified health benefits for those who possess higher levels of this trait without practice. This study was a survey-based investigation of the relations among dispositional mindfulness, socioeconomic status, and psychological distress in a diverse sample of university and community college participants (N = 123). Of interest was the notion that mindfulness may be a luxury of the less socioeconomically burdened. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses were used to assess the role of SES in the relation between mindfulness and distress. Mindfulness was found to be a luxury, but its psychological benefits were not influenced by SES. Implications are discussed in the context of mindfulness-based interventions.




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