Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Hatziadoniu, Konstadinos


This thesis discusses the impact of WTGUs on the IEEE 26-bus power system voltage stability. The effect of WTGUs is studied by increasing the real generated power and real and reactive load power by factor (1+∆λ) where ∆λ is incremental in the loading factor until reaching the voltages on the buses to the point of collapse. The lowest voltage bus in the system is a critical bus that WTGUs will be connected on it. The WTGUs are Farm of wind turbines that are connected to the system. Two types of WTGUs are discussed in this thesis. The first type of WTGU that discus is the fixed speed wind turbine. There are two types of fixed speed wind turbines: pitch angle regulated, and stall regulated. The pitch angle regulated fixed speed wind turbine is focused in this study. The second type of WTGU is the semi-variable speed wind turbine. The models of WTGUs for both types, pitch angle regulated, and semi-variable speed, are used to calculate the reactive power that will be added to the system, but real power is known from manufacture. The real and reactive powers for both WTGUs are dependent on the wind speed, wind turbine characteristic, parameters for induction generator and terminal voltage. One of the most important parts in this thesis is the sensitivity analysis. The main concept of the sensitivity is the slope of the voltage profile at specific loading factor λ. In this part, the study is focused on the affect of increasing the real generated power and real and reactive loaded power on the critical bus.




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