Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Plant and Soil Science

First Advisor

Hernandez, Jorge


Effect of Organic Amendments on Phosphorus Fractionation in a Lead-Contaminated Urban Soil Abstract: A sequential phosphorus extraction scheme was applied to a lead-(Pb) contaminated soil in Herculaneum, MO for both a field and incubation study. The objectives of this project were; (1) lower soil P fixation and retention through the addition of organically amended P sources; (2) identify the distribution of P among five operationally defined pools of extractable phosphate following treatment incorporation; (3) determine portion of labile P derived from vermicompost (VC); and (4) identify treatments that could potentially lower bioaccessible Pb over an eight-week period. Sequential fractionation identified the Aluminum-associated P (Al-P) fraction as the fraction responding the most to treatment addition. Retention as Al-P could be effectively reduced using the organic amendments evaluated in this study in combination with VC. Amended triple super phosphate (TSP) and VC lowered bioaccessible Pb concentration compared to a non-amended plot. This finding may provide some experimental justification for the application of VC in combination with TSP to Pb-contaminated soil. Further research focusing on a combination of these P sources applied to Pb-contaminated soil could elucidate the conclusion postulated by this research.




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