Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Criminology and Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Kempf-Leonard, Kimberly


This study examines the efficacy of treatment and likelihood of success while on probation among a sample of 193 people who recently were under community supervision in Illinois. Less than one-third of the probationers participated in any form of treatment or services. However, treatment was more likely to be given to drug offenders and probationers who were either married or educated at high school or higher levels. In contrast to the low level of treatment overall, the subjects in this study achieved a high level of success while serving sentences of community corrections. Whether absconding from the jurisdiction, getting a technical violation of their supervision, or a new arrest for a crime, only one-fifth of the subjects failed. Failure was more apt to occur for those with a prior arrest history, less serious offenses, and among unmarried probationers. This study also examined the effectiveness of an assessment instrument to classify risk of reoffending and needs for treatment. The instrument was of low utility, the greatest use being able to distinguish failure between low and medium-risk groups of offenders.




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