Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Manufacturing Systems

First Advisor

Spezia, Carl

Second Advisor

Savage, Mandara

Third Advisor

Dunston, Julie


Current accreditation preparation methods at many universities are time consuming and tedious. This is because cost prohibits many programs from purchasing commercial assessment applications. Creating an accreditation system that utilizes readily available and internally produced software reduces the time burden and cost of an accreditation process. This work presents software applications and operating procedures for a system that integrates a high granularity database to record assessment test results and student work exhibits. Database records are linked to course and program educational outcomes. The database includes fields that link student work exhibits to outcomes using a standardized filename code. This work combines a testing application, assessment database, electronic student portfolio, and standardized File Name Generator into a cohesive assessment system. This work resulted in three applications; an updated tester application, a File Name Generator, and a hyperlinked database. The applications were used in a pilot program to collect data and produce reports showing percentage scores for each outcome.




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