Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Hexmoor, Henry


The need for measures to reduce congestion in metropolitan traffic has been a pressing concern as citizens' cluster in larger cities with the immediate side effect of an increase in traffic demand. A functioning society depends on the mobility provided by the transportation network to enable its members to participate in essential activities such as production, consumption, communication, and recreation. However, it is necessary for a society to introduce congestion-relief measures for improved quality of life, the environment, and maintained safety of the citizens. The project has three components: 1. An interface, which models a road network and tools to describe data supplied to the network. 2. A simulation interface to observe the model run through time and produce suitable results for the naked streets and to find an improved traffic simulation for the cities. 3. Mathematical modeling for assessment of the pedestrian accident risk and their safety. The traffic is designed and implemented using agent-based modeling (ABM) techniques and I have used NetLogo as my testbed (Wilensky, 2003). Shared Space is not defined by the design or configuration of the environment. Design and detailing are important, but only as a catalyst for changing the way in which people interact within the public spaces. Design standards are not adequate. Even if you follow all design guidelines, it does not guarantee that the space will meet the requirements. Departing from established practice requires determination, careful thought and observation, and the courage to explore and refine novel solutions.




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