Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Pourboghrat, Farzad


The objective is to model a two wheeled nonholonomic mobile robot for the parking problem and stabilize it using piecewise continuous static feedback control. The nonholonomic robots cannot be stabilized using continuous static feedback controls. In this thesis, the kinematic model of the robot is transformed into a feasible coordinate system. A stabilizing kinematic controller is designed for the stabilization problem in the new coordinate system. The robot has two inputs, viz., v, linear velocity and ω, angular velocity. Two DC motors are used for the left and the right wheels to implement the computed linear and angular velocities. This is included to realize the robot driven by electric motors. The two DC motors are controlled using PID controllers. The practical implementation for a two wheeled robot is also discussed. Pololu 3PI robot is used for the implementation. Line tracking and Line tracking algorithm with PID is also discussed. Possible enhancements include the implementation of the algorithm in dsPIC family of microcontrollers. CMX scheduler for dsPIC family of products can also be ported on dsPIC and the same environment can be simulated in real time. This can be extended to multiple agents who are controlled by a single master, thus forming a single master multi slave network.




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