Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Architecture



First Advisor

Anz, Craig


AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Garret L. Lukens, for the Master of Architecture Degree in Architecture, presented on June 26, 2009, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: Office Design: Designing for Productivity in the Workplace MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Craig Anz This paper presents the potential for productivity in the workplace and the factors that influence it as it pertains to an architectural design project in Carbondale, IL. The project focuses on the physical, psychological, and functional affects that the built environment has, both negatively and positively, on the occupants of the facility. The design project is a 3-story office building for Leo Burnett Advertising Agency that will strive to increase the productivity of the staff within the spatial structure. As companies struggle to meet the financial demands of today's market, they tend to lose sight of the potential for productivity when faced with the initial and operational costs of the facility in which they work. Instead of trying to bring in an over abundance of employees to compensate for the lack of quality and production, employers should consider what can be done to unveil the potential of the current employees and increase their productivity. There are many factors that affect the productivity of people within their work environment. Environmental and workplace design plays a significant role on the productivity levels of the employees that work in an office building. Ensuring that employees have proper workstations to meet their needs, comfortable and healthy work conditions, and spaces that they enjoy to work in aids in their productivity. The building typology as well as the unique programmatic demands would challenge any designer to create a space that increases productivity for the workers and inspires their minds to create for themselves.




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