Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Architecture



First Advisor

Anz, Craig

Second Advisor

Wender, Walter


AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Ryan Elizabeth Keutzer, for the Master degree in Architecture, presented on July 10, 2009, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: LOOKING TO THE PAST TO PLAN A FUTURE MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Craig Anz Preserving, conserving, rehabilitating, renovating and adaptively reusing historic buildings is one of the most "sustainable"*; building practices today. "Older and historic buildings comprise more than half of the existing buildings in the United States and the retention and reuse of these buildings preserves the materials, embodied energy, and human capital already expended in their construction. The recycling of buildings is one of the most beneficial `green' practices, and stresses the importance and value of historic preservation in the overall promotion of sustainability." The focus of this project will be Shryock Auditorium, located within Southern Illinois University's campus. The research will establish significance of the 1917 building through analysis of the Architect**, the University, the architecture, and the social framework surrounding its inception. Analysis of the current needs of the Auditorium will be done by working with its users and staff. By comparing the current needs with the original intent of the building, the design solution, will be a compromise of both old and new. * "Sustainable", in the context of this project, refers to the idea of preserving the sense of place within a "community" - in this case the community of SIU, Carbondale, and southern Illinois. ** Placing the building in its historical narrative and studying the architect, James B. Dibelka, a prominent Bohemian Chicagoan and also the State Architect of this time, gives significance to the importance of preserving its spirit within the context. Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, "Greening Preservation through Collaboration," The Association for Preservation Technology International, (accessed June 25, 2009).




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