Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Behavior Analysis and Therapy

First Advisor

Shawler, Dr. Lesley


Campos et al. (2020) conducted caregiver training for implementing multiple schedules within the context of functional communication training and extinction as a treatment for children's challenging behavior. Although the study was successful in decreasing levels of children’s challenging behavior, which remained stable once caregivers implemented the treatment, one limitation was the lack of caregiver input regarding the development of the child’s treatment. For instance, the caregivers did not choose the stimuli for their child’s multiple schedules, although the end goal was for this treatment to be utilized in the home environment. Caregiver input is beneficial for gaining rapport, as well as adherence to their child’s treatment plan. The current study will replicate Campos et al. in which multiple schedules of reinforcement and extinction will be implemented to decrease challenging behavior. Thus, the primary purpose of this study is to experimentally evaluate a systematic caregiver training procedure on the implementation of multiple schedules within the context of FCT as a treatment to decrease challenging behavior. The second purpose was to assess caregiver treatment integrity and social validity when using multiple schedules based on caregiver input during treatment development.




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