Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Sinha, Koushik


Contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come intocontact with an infected person and subsequent collection of further information about these contacts. Most of the contact tracing applications present in the market today use GPS and Bluetooth technologies to perform contact tracing where data is collected in the background without the user's knowledge. The idea of this thesis is to build a tool in the form of a lightweight mobile application with technologies like QR code scanning and NFC tagging using which every user would provide information about the places they've been to voluntarily. This would put the user in control of his privacy. Once the user id of the infected patient is shared with the backend, the tool uses this information to perform contact tracing by backtracking to all the places that the patient has been in the past to find out all users who have ever come in contact with the patient. The backend then quickly computes the risk level for each user who has come in contact with the patient in the past and sends a push notification to the user alerting him about the risk of infection. This tool provides its users with services like Privacy protection, Awareness, Maintenance, Authentication, Safety which collectively can be called PAMAS services.




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