Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Qin, Jun


ABSTRACTAASHISH NEUPANE, for the Master of Science degree in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, presented on July 35, 2020, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TITLE: VISUAL SALIENCY ANALYSIS ON FASHION IMAGES USING IMAGE PROCESSING AND DEEP LEARNING APPROACHES.MAJOR PROFESSOR: Dr. Jun QinState-of-art computer vision technologies have been applied in fashion in multiple ways, and saliency modeling is one of those applications. In computer vision, a saliency map is a 2D topological map which indicates the probabilistic distribution of visual attention priorities. This study is focusing on analysis of the visual saliency on fashion images using multiple saliency models, evaluated by several evaluation metrics. A human subject study has been conducted to collect people’s visual attention on 75 fashion images. Binary ground-truth fixation maps for these images have been created based on the experimentally collected visual attention data using Gaussian blurring function. Saliency maps for these 75 fashion images were generated using multiple conventional saliency models as well as deep feature-based state-of-art models. DeepFeat has been studied extensively, with 44 sets of saliency maps, exploiting the features extracted from GoogLeNet and ResNet50. Seven other saliency models have also been utilized to predict saliency maps on these images. The results were compared over 5 evaluation metrics – AUC, CC, KL Divergence, NSS and SIM. The performance of all 8 saliency models on prediction of visual attention on fashion images over all five metrics were comparable to the benchmarked scores. Furthermore, the models perform well consistently over multiple evaluation metrics, thus indicating that saliency models could in fact be applied to effectively predict salient regions in random fashion advertisement images.




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