Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Hexmoor, Henry


The emerging concept of vehicular platooning with trust is a promising solution to deal with ever-growing computational and communication demands of connected vehicles. The most important concept introduced in any technology is trust, this has previously been imbibed into the platoon with the use of a centralized trust evaluating infrastructure. The introduction of trust evaluation using a decentralized model is not in widespread use, which makes it a challenging task to be included in the fast-varying feature of vehicular environment. This thesis discusses incorporation of a decentralized trust evaluation architecture (without a separate infrastructure) within a platoon, and a method to develop trust in the communication between the fellow platoon members with the help of a feedback system in place which is used to evaluate the trust of the platoon members and the platoon leader on the vehicle which joins the platoon newly. This trust model has been implemented in the case of VANET’s initially, for the purpose of group leader selection this model also includes the concept of direct and indirect trust among the vehicles. The results obtained show that the stability and the performance of the platoon drastically improve in the case of a decentralized mechanism, compared to a normal platoon with general characteristics. Keywords: Trust management, Feedback system, Platoon, Decentralized architecture, VANET, Trust model.




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