Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Hexmoor, Henry


Automatic Vehicles is a possible future, but it does not mean that we should forget about improving the present day to day life. Most vehicles have Cruise Control, and few have Adaptive Cruise Control, but very few have Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control(CACC) because it's an integration of software and hardware as different companies produce different vehicles it's hard to get on common ground. CACC at the core is communication among vehicles and sharing information; in this thesis, I tried to make it usable in any car with just the software used in a smartphone. As everybody has a phone in their hand with an inbuilt GPS, it is easier to use it directly rather than have a unique mechanical device embedded with a software application. My application gives the estimated speed usable at a particular time based on the other two vehicles, and it keeps changing based on other cars. It does not depend on any external sensors; hence, no environmental change can affect the data give by my vehicle. This application is a guide that could be used in the snow, rain, or hail when even eyes or technology cannot help. Location and speed are something, and using them and providing safety is my thesis all about.




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