Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Hoxha, Bardh


Emergencies that require immediate evacuation should be encountered with effective preparedness. With over 14 billion dollars in damages and 3,000 people killed each year, fire emergency preparedness is of critical importance. Fire drills aim to prepare and educate people on how to react properly, in order to avoid as many casualties possible. Fire drills can be expensive and time consuming to conduct, and in most cases lack the level of realism to properly educate the trainees. In this thesis, a virtual reality (VR) emergency evacuation training platform is presented. With VR, we aim to eliminate the real life constraints that exist, while succesfully training individuals. The application operator can spawn fires in any desired location, and at the same time the user being trained is getting informed about the safest and fastest path available, while being provided with constant feedback. We generate a grid graph on a given floor plan to run a pathfinding algorithm. We use Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) to formulate the existing constraints in our approach.




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