Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Behavior Analysis and Therapy

First Advisor

Rehfeldt, Ruth


Traditional techniques and pedagogies of higher education institutions often fail to provide students with optimal arrangements for learning. Interteaching (Boyce & Hineline, 2002) introduces a beneficial way to arrange learning in the college class room and mitigates resistance towards earlier behavior analytic educational systems. A multielement design was used to alternate three conditions in an undergraduate research methods class: (a) lecture, (b) interteaching with points available for completion of preparation guides, and (c) interteaching with no points available for preparation guide completion. Results showed that Interteaching conditions with or without points produced higher quiz scores as compared to lecture. However, approximately three times as many students turned in preparation guides when points were available for doing so. Interteaching conditions also lead to higher rates of student participation, and may be preferred by students.




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