Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Filip, Peter


Carbon-Carbon (C/C) composites are dominating materials in aerospace industry, as 90% of its production are used as brake materials in aircraft. C/C composites demonstrate excellent retention of mechanical properties at high temperature where most of conventional materials cannot withstand. The purpose of this study was to oxidize and study impact of oxidation on friction properties and wear rate of three different commercial C/C materials (two-directional of oriented randomly chopped pitch fibers charred in resin, three-directional felt-needled PAN fibers in CVI matrix, and two-directional PAN fibers in CVI matrix. The approach in this study was to measure coefficient of friction (µ) by using Universal Friction Tester (UFT) and to calculate the wear rate by measuring weight and thickness of materials before and after tests. It was shown that oxidation have impact on friction properties of C/C as well as on wear rate, beside other factors as normal load, sliding speed, and temperature that affect friction performance. It is possible to optimize the friction properties of industrial C/C as well as wear rate to improve its performance.




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