Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Quality Engineering and Management

First Advisor

Dunston, Julie


Computer integrated manufacturing environments and competition among companies to meet customer requirements raise the need for the use of online methodologies in combination with traditional Statistical Process Control tools. This study focuses on detecting the change point, when a shift in mean occurs, in a normal bivariate process using two different approaches. First, Multivariate Cumulative Sum (MCUSUM) and Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (MEWMA) statistical procedures were used in detecting the mean shift in the process. Then the step-change detection and neural network approaches were applied to the outputs of MCUSUM and MEWMA statistical procedures to identify the time of the change. The results show that the step-change and neural network approaches are capable of detecting the time of the change earlier than either the MCUSUM or MEWMA statistical procedure.




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