Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Byrd, Mark


The title may be a bit misleading. Perhaps, "On the Complete Positivity of Reduced Quantum Dynamics," would be a more fitting title. Determining whether or not completely positive (CP) maps are required to describe open system quantum dynamics is an extremely important issue concerning the fundamental mathematical foundations of QM, as well as many other areas of physics. it had been typically believed that only CP maps actually describe the dynamical evolution of open quantum systems, however there has been speculation as to whether this is a strict constraint on the mathematical and physical structure of stochastic quantum dynamical maps. The objective of this thesis is to demonstrate that given a particular unitary operator, an initial system state, a final system state, and the dimension of the environment state, there exists no CP map with a composite system-environment, product initial state that is compatible with the given constraints on the reduced quantum dynamics of the system under investigation.




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