Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Hexmoor, Henry


In this paper we have introduced a concept of analyzing the performance of dynamic network organization (NO) in response to multiple input objectives of network organization (NO) and input set of unpredictable external environment, and we have correlated plasticity of NO with this performance measure. A three stage conceptual model of the process has been described which comprised of dynamic system of multi-agent network, multiple objectives and input goals of network driver (S n), unpredictable external environment (ϵ). Dynamic system of the network organization takes through its two phase and processes this based on time and system response variables. Processing of input information by the system variables gives a ratio of system response variable and input. Further analysis is based on the value of this performance values. This model suggests a performance measuring technique which takes an input set of objectives from network driver of the NO, a set of input from external environment (ϵ) state and processes this input based on the existing state of the dynamic system in the NO. This process output shows dynamic system performance in dynamic environment and how this performance coefficient correlates with the Plasticity of network organization. We have presented several examples, mathematical models and graph by analyzing true scenarios on UAV patrolling zone.




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