Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Agate, Joel


Leisure time and outdoor recreation are participated in during childhood, which allows for children to being able to learn about different recreation activities, whether they may be indoor or outdoor oriented. Children begin to learn about the world around them, having significant life experiences and beginning to understand the concept of recreation specialization. As a child moves into adulthood, specifically as college students, their leisure time activities being to change; this may be due to the fact that their time is limited for both indoor and outdoor recreation, but could also be due to the fact that technological advances have had an impact on how college-aged students tend to spend their time. This thesis aims to find relationships in activities participated in during both childhood and adulthood. The significance of indoor and outdoor recreation was also included, in order to further understand if location of activity choices in childhood had an impact on the recreation participated in during adulthood. Specific activities which were most and least frequently chosen were observed, along with basic demographics of the population.




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